eKohi Technologies has developed a unique Kinder report card specifically designed to assess and track the progress of kindergarten students.
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Kindergarten Report Cards

eKohi Technologies has developed a unique Kinder report card specifically designed to assess and track the progress of kindergarten students. This report card utilizes symbols such as "proficient," "developing," and "emerging" to provide a holistic assessment of student performance. Here's an overview of the sections and objectives covered in the Kinder report card:

ELAR (English Language Arts and Reading) - Identifies Letter Names and Sounds

This section focuses on assessing the student's ability to recognize and associate uppercase and lowercase letters with their corresponding sounds.:

ELAR Learning Behaviors

This section evaluates the student's behaviors related to social and emotional development, self-control, responsibility, following directions, cooperation, and other important learning behaviors.:

ELAR Literacy Development

This section assesses various aspects of literacy development, including phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency word recognition, listening comprehension, and writing prompts.:

Mathematics Learning Objectives

This section covers essential mathematical skills and concepts, such as number recitation, number representation, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction problem-solving, graphing, shape identification, understanding attributes of objects, and recognizing US coins.:

Science Learning Objectives

This section evaluates the student's understanding of scientific concepts and skills. It includes safe practices during investigations, using tools, understanding forms of energy, observing object movements, identifying properties of rocks, water, and soil, recognizing patterns in nature, differentiating between living and nonliving things, and observing characteristics of plants and animals.:

Social Studies Learning Objectives

This section focuses on social studies concepts and skills, including reciting pledges, describing celebrations and holidays, understanding chronological order, identifying flags, using maps and globes, understanding the concept of voting, and identifying basic human needs and their fulfillment.:

In addition to the objectives in each section, the report card includes attendance tracking, state assessment results (such as STAR Early Literacy), and a section for parents to provide their digital signature, indicating that they have reviewed the report card.

By providing a comprehensive assessment of a Kindergarten student's progress in various subject areas, learning behaviors, and social-emotional development, the Kinder report card developed by eKohi Technologies offers valuable insights for parents, educators, and students themselves.

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