Medixsoft is delighted to announce the acquisition of Ekohi Technologies. Our new platform incorporates the latest trends, technologies, and design patterns emerging in the software industry. Stay tuned for the release of a series of exciting new products.
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Makeing Your Business More Unique

In 2009, Medixsoft Company was established with the aim of assisting clients in the education and healthcare sectors to enhance performance, navigate complex regulations, reduce costs, recover from distress, leverage technology, and drive growth. Our company works closely with clients to deliver sustainable and measurable results. We serve a diverse range of organizations, including leading academic institutions, healthcare organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and medium-sized businesses. In 2022, Medixsoft underwent a rebranding process and emerged as eKohi Technologies, following the successful development of a series of educational software solutions tailored to address the specific challenges faced by school districts and universities. This expertise positions eKohi as the preferred choice for clients seeking tangible results.

We believe in achieving organizational transformation through collaboration. By working alongside our clients, we share accountability, transfer knowledge, and help instill a culture that embraces and sustains lasting change. Our shared services model contributes to financial stability and empowers school districts and higher educational institutions to fulfill their missions more effectively, ultimately leading to increased efficiency.

While the shared services model is relatively new in the education sector, it has already proven its effectiveness in reducing costs, fostering stronger collaboration with school districts, and refocusing attention on the fundamental purpose of providing quality education.


At Ekohi Technologies, we explore the growing trend of shared services within school districts, recognizing how this model aligns with the unique missions and attributes of college readiness. We advocate for a holistic approach to data that integrates student information and maximizes the use of digital tools and technologies. By doing so, we can enhance educational performance, improve student retention, increase graduation rates, decrease dropout rates, and foster lifelong connections with students as they transition to becoming alumni.

We are dedicated to empowering educational institutions with innovative solutions, leveraging technology, and providing comprehensive services that drive positive outcomes for students and organizations alike. Join us on this journey as we strive to revolutionize the education landscape and create a brighter future for learners everywhere.