Medixsoft is delighted to announce the acquisition of Ekohi Technologies. Our new platform incorporates the latest trends, technologies, and design patterns emerging in the software industry. Stay tuned for the release of a series of exciting new products.

eSpEd Tracker

eKohi Technologies' eSped Tracker is designed to enhance the tracking process for special education students. Many school districts currently rely heavily on manual methods, such as Google spreadsheets, which often lead to inefficiencies and a lack of visibility for all involved parties. To address these challenges, we have implemented a comprehensive tracking system that encompasses the following key elements of special education:

Automated Referral Packet

We have introduced an automated system for generating referral packets. This enhancement increases visibility for all parties involved and provides a seamless experience throughout the referral process. It establishes a standardized procedure for creating individualized folders for each special education student, serving as a centralized location for storing pertinent information, dates, and documents related to their educational journey.

Parent Consents

We have developed a streamlined process to obtain and document parental consents. This ensures that all necessary permissions are obtained in a timely manner and recorded accurately for future reference.

Assignment of Evaluators

We have implemented a systematic approach to assign evaluators to each student. By creating a structured framework, we ensure a fair distribution of workload and prevent instances of overworking or underworking evaluators.

Tracking of Key Dates

We have introduced a comprehensive tracking mechanism for important dates, enabling proactive planning and efficient coordination among all stakeholders. This includes tracking folder creation date, folder receipt date, guardian consent date, Full Individual Evaluation (FIE) due date, FIE complete date, Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) due date, ARD held date, as well as completion dates for various evaluations.

Enhanced Folder Security

To protect student privacy, we have enhanced the security measures for special education folders by implementing stricter access controls. Only authorized personnel can view and modify sensitive information.

Automate Interface

eSped Tracker seamlessly interfaces with external systems such as student information systems like Skyward and Special Ed Systems like SuccessEd. This eliminates the need for duplicate entries across multiple systems, ensuring seamless information synchronization.

By implementing these improvements, eSped Tracker aims to optimize the tracking process, enhance communication, and improve overall efficiency in managing special education cases. We believe that school districts, students, parents, educators, and administrators will greatly benefit from these enhancements.