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The Planning Protocol Dashboards (PPD) provide a dedicated feature that allows schools and districts to store their overall playbook, encompassing a clear and consistent set of effective instructional practices. This playbook serves as a guide for all teachers, ensuring a shared understanding and implementation of strategies that contribute to student success.

With PPD, schools and districts can easily upload and organize their playbook within the platform. This central repository ensures that the playbook is readily accessible to teachers, administrators, principals, and assistant principals. By having a centralized location for the playbook, it becomes convenient to update and disseminate any revisions or additions to instructional practices.

Furthermore, PPD offers transparency by providing the option to publish the playbook and make it accessible to parents. This transparency allows parents to be aware of the instructional strategies and practices being employed by teachers, administrators, principals, and assistant principals within the school. By making the playbook public, parents can gain insight into the educational approaches being utilized, fostering a collaborative and informed relationship between the school and parents.

By leveraging PPD's playbook feature, schools and districts can establish a consistent framework of instructional practices, promoting shared understanding and alignment among educators. The ability to publish the playbook for public access enhances transparency and communication with parents, contributing to a collaborative and supportive school environment.