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PD Document

The Planning Protocol Dashboards (PPD) offer a dedicated application for storing all district Professional Development (PD) documents in a centralized location. This feature provides a comprehensive repository for organizing and accessing PD resources, ensuring easy retrieval and efficient management of historical documents.

With PPD's PD Document application, districts can create custom folders and subfolders to organize their PD materials based on specific categories or topics. This customizable organization structure allows for easy navigation and retrieval of relevant resources.

One key advantage of using PPD for PD documents is the ability to retrieve historical documents effortlessly. By simply selecting the corresponding school year from a dropdown menu, administrators and educators can access PD materials from past years. This feature ensures that valuable resources and training materials are preserved and readily available for reference and continuous professional development.

The PD Document application in PPD caters to the entire district's PD needs, providing a centralized platform for storing various resources. Examples of PD documents that can be stored include STAAR redesign resources, Bilingual/ESL Training Modules, TPRI - MOY (Texas Primary Reading Inventory - Middle of Year), TX KA - CLI Engage, and Technology Cheat Sheets, among others.

By utilizing PPD's PD Document feature, districts can effectively organize and manage their PD resources, facilitating easy access and retrieval for administrators and educators. This centralized repository enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of professional development initiatives throughout the district.