Medixsoft is delighted to announce the acquisition of Ekohi Technologies. Our new platform incorporates the latest trends, technologies, and design patterns emerging in the software industry. Stay tuned for the release of a series of exciting new products.


which serves as a robust alternative to platforms like Google Drive or OneDrive. With MyCloud, teachers and administrators can leverage a self-organized toolset that is readily available at no additional cost. Unlike other cloud storage solutions, MyCloud offers true unlimited storage capacity, ensuring that all documents can be stored conveniently and securely. Users can create folders and subfolders, upload various file types such as documents, audio files, URL links, and videos.

One key advantage of using MyCloud within PPD is the ability to organize documents by school year and/or cycles, such as the 6-week or 9-week cycles. This streamlined organization makes it easier to access and manage resources according to specific timeframes.

Another distinctive feature that sets PPD apart from platforms like Google Drive and OneDrive is the ability to store historical documents and make copies of historical folders. This functionality allows for comprehensive archiving and retrieval of past documents, ensuring that valuable information and resources are preserved for reference and continuity.

By utilizing the e-Repository feature in PPD, districts and schools can benefit from a centralized and self-organized storage solution that provides unlimited capacity, efficient organization, and the ability to store historical documents for long-term accessibility and continuity.