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The Planning Protocol Dashboards (PPD) offer a convenient feature that allows district managers, school administrators, principals, and assistant principals to share appraisal forms with their direct employees in a central location. This functionality streamlines the process of collecting and managing appraisal forms, ensuring a consistent and organized approach to performance evaluations.

PPD enables the sharing of summative appraisal forms for various job titles, including but not limited to Academic Achievement Specialists, Accountant Assistants, Account Payable Clerks, ARD Clerks, and ARD Facilitators. These appraisal forms are easily accessible within the platform, eliminating the need for manual distribution and collection of paper-based forms.

By utilizing PPD's appraisal form sharing feature, managers and administrators can efficiently share the necessary appraisal documents with their direct employees. This ensures that performance evaluations are conducted in a standardized and transparent manner. Employees can access the forms, complete them, and submit them back within the PPD platform, simplifying the appraisal process for both the evaluators and the employees being evaluated.

Overall, PPD's appraisal form sharing feature facilitates streamlined communication, collaboration, and documentation of performance evaluations within districts and schools, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the appraisal process.