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Demerit Tracker

The student choice tracker is a student discipline system that tracks various key performance indicators (KPIs) on a cyclical basis within a school and/or district level. It includes the following components:

Major Infraction Referral

This refers to a formal report of a significant violation committed by a student.


Records instances when a student arrives late.


A notification given to a student for a minor infraction as a first-level response.

Parent Contact

Communication with the parent or guardian regarding the student's behavior.

Email Admin

Notifying the administrative staff via email about a student's behavior.

Parent Conference

Arranging a meeting between the parent, teacher, and possibly other school personnel to address the student's conduct.


A serious offense or repeated violations that warrant involvement of higher authorities or specialized intervention.

The student choice tracker follows a progressive reporting system based on the number of offenses committed by students. Here is a general outline of the escalation process:
Three Warnings

After three warnings for various infractions, the student progresses to the next level.

Parent Contact

Upon the next offense, the parent or guardian is contacted to inform them about their child's conduct.

Email Admin

If the student commits another offense, the administrative staff is notified via email.

Parent Conference

Following another violation, a parent conference is scheduled involving the teacher, parent, and possibly other school staff.


After the seventh offense or for severe misconduct, a referral is made, indicating the need for further action.

The student choice tracker allows for customization in terms of demerit categories and demerit levels. By default, it includes categories such as
Not following directions
Dress code violations
Eating food/candy
Use of electronic devices
Iinappropriate language
Physical contactand
Sleeping during class


The system integrates with the student information system to access relevant student data, including contact information of guardians.

Additionally, it offers a mobile version that allows users to record offenses committed by students using an iPhone or Android phone. This feature is particularly useful when incidents occur outside the classroom setting, such as on a school bus, in the gym, or cafeteria, among other locations.